Technology has brought sports to a new level. It serves the increasing demand for extreme accuracy in timing high speed sports, such as car and motorcycle racing, and greater control over a high density of competitors such as in marathons.

MYLAPS invented automatic sports timing. Thousands of sport events that previously relied on stopwatches now use our technology. And as each sport has its own unique requirements, we offer specialized timing systems and solutions for a wide range of users.

Tracks, Courses, Circuits and Sports Areas

It might seem a tough task to keep your location up to speed with modern technology. But it’s not. With the latest innovations in sports timing, you can offer athletes the opportunity to keep track of their practice runs and give them a good reason to keep coming back.

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Event Organizers and Timekeepers

 Technology has upped the game for sports worldwide, for both professional and amateur events. So how do you get technology to help you organize an even better event? MYLAPS offers sports timers and event organizers a helping hand with innovative systems, advice and experience.

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Federations and clubs

Imagine thousands of individual practice hours and hundreds of event results. As a sports club or federation, how do you record you members’ results? Our systems help you to keep track of performance data in order to accurately rank or qualify your athletes or racers. 

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Worldwide network of partners

Timekeeping is a challenging task and vital to the success of any race. Are you hosting a sports event and want to collaborate with a professional timer? Or do you want to become a sports timer? MYLAPS systems are used by over 1000 partners worldwide. 

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Each type of sports has its own characteristics that requires specific timing equipment. Timing systems for running races must be able to handle high-density finishes, car races demand a system that can handle high speeds and a skating competition has to be measured to the millisecond. We offer a system for each type of sports and every budget.

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