Frequently Asked Questions

These pages give you the frequently asked questions.

General FAQ

How can I renew my FLEX subscription?
Read our instructions.

Can I use my MYLAPS transponder on another manufacturer’s timing system?
MYLAPS transponders are not compatible with other systems.

Can MYLAPS help me find my missing transponder?
Unfortunately we cannot track your stolen or missing transponder. Your best shot at retrieving it would be to regularly check your account and see if your transponder has been used by anyone else.

How can I find my latest race results on the MYLAPS website?
All your results are displayed at At the results section, you can select your sport and country and the most recent events show up on top. Race results are uploaded to by your race organization. If your results are not online yet, please contact your race organization about uploading the results. When you own a transponder and have registered it at, your results are always visible in your personal account. The latest results show up on top.

How long do the results stay on the MYLAPS website?
We will never delete any results. Please do keep in mind that when you sell your transponder and the new owner re-registers the transponder, all your results will be removed from the account.

Is it possible to see all my results when I race with different organizations?
When an organization uses MYLAPS timing equipment and uploads the results to, you will always find your results in your personal account.

MYLAPS Account

What is the maximum number of transponders that can be added to a MYLAPS account?
There is no maximum of transponders that you can add to your account.

Where can I login to my organization account?
In the footer you will find a link to the organization login, or you can go directly to


Where can I find event results?
On the event results page you can find all event results.

Where can I find the 'old' practice results website?
You can find it here.

Where can I find my personal practice results?
You can find your practice results in your dashboard. (login required)

Do I need to login to see my practice results?
Yes, you need to login with your MYLAPS account to see your personal practice results.

Where can I find my TimePoint results?
All TimePoint results are still available on

Where can I –as an organization- login to the management console?
In the footer of the website, on the bottom of the web page, you will find a link to the management console (‘Organization login’), or you can go directly to

Can I also see my results measured with a ChampionChip or BibTag?
No, the website will not show you ChampionChip or BibTag results.


Where can I buy MYLAPS transponders, chips and accessories?
Go to ‘Products’ and click on ‘Product overview’, in the ‘transponders’ tab you will find all transponder, chips and accessories. Or go to your local reseller to buy a transponder.

Can I buy a timing system in the web shop?
No, you cannot buy a full timing system, please contact us for advice.

Can I buy system components in the web shop?
Yes, we offer a selection of our system component portfolio.

I have a promotion code, can I still use it in the new web shop?
Yes, if the promotion is still valid, you can enter the promotion code in the check-out process.

FLEX subscriptions

Where can I extend my FLEX subscription?
You can extend your subscription in our store.

Can I renew/extend my FLEX subscription directly from my FLEX manager?
No, but there is a link in your FLEX manager that will redirect you the your MYLAPS account.

MYLAPS Partners

Where can I find MYLAPS Partners?
Go to ‘Company’ and click on ‘Partners’, this page will show you a map with all resellers and timers worldwide.

Where can I login to the Partner Portal?
In the footer you will find a link to the Partner Portal.


How can I get a download link for firmware?
Go to ‘Support’ and click on ‘Software/firmware’.

Where can I find FAQ’s
Go to ‘Support’ and click on ‘FAQ’s’.

Where can I find manuals
Go to ‘Support’ and click on ‘Manuals’.


Can I select other languages?
The site will be available in English, Dutch and Japanese.