MYLAPS Experience Lab

MYLAPS Experience Lab is a division of MYLAPS Sports Timing focusing on the development of Web and App services for sports events, participants and spectators in order to create a more complete and streamlined sports experience.

Experience Lab is based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and started January 2015 with a rapidly expanding and dedicated team. By splitting up the Sports Timing division (timing hardware and software) and the Experience Lab division, we can fully focus on the development of value added services for our customers worldwide.

It is our ambition to offer racers and athletes better insights in their sports performance in order to enhance the sports experience and to help them track, share and increase their progress.

EventManager for mass running events

We offer timers and race organizers a solution to create a more complete and streamlined event experience for participants and spectators, MYLAPS EventManager: Training via the EventApp, Registration, EventApp, SocialShares and LiveTracking. Combining these different modules with the MYLAPS worldwide partner network of Timers makes a strong combination and offers great opportunities for sponsors.

Services for Motorsports

The new X2 platform and 2-way communication from and to the racer opens up a world of possibilities to make racing even more interesting for racers, spectators, pit-crew, series and tracks. With new Web and App services we offer an enhanced race experience.

MYLAPS Experience Lab
Overschiestraat 65
1062 XD Amsterdam

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